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Diamond and Jewelry Inventory Search
Instantaneous Results. No Long Waiting Time for Searching.
White Diamond Pro features an advanced Inventory Search that reacts instantaneously to any searching, filtering, and sorting enabling you to rapidly look up diamond and jewelry items by any search criteria.
Complete Lot Information. Quickly and Easily Locate an Item.
The search is specifically designed to provide you with all the necessary information about the item and its status. With one click of a button you can locate the item to see if the item is on hand or on memo; you can quickly and easily see who has it and since when.
Create a Special Inventory List for Customers. Email, Print, Fax.
With White Diamond Pro you can create your own list of inventory items and email, print, fax to your customers. White Diamond Pro delivers the powerful inventory search you've always dreamed of.
Diamond and Jewelry Inventory Card
Get Organized. Diamond Inventory Card.
Avoid the hassle and save the time of scrambling through pages of messy hand-written notes on your inventory item. White Diamond Pro organizes all your information in one easy to use form.
Intelligent Design. Jewelry Inventory Card.
White Diamond Pro's diamond and jewelry inventory cards arrange and store all your information in a neat and efficient format. Due to their unique and intelligent designs, finding the information you want on these screens is quick and easy
All Transactions and History. Memo, Sold, Return, Purchase, Jewelry.
With White Diamond Pro you will never again lose track of and control over your inventory items. White Diamond Pro tracks all the transactions performed on the item and also records the complete history of all changes. Knowing your inventory ensures the safety and security of your business. With White Diamond Pro you will never lose a step.
Inventory Potential Matching Stones
Instantaneous Search for Potential Matching Stones.
Within seconds search your entire inventory for potential matching stones, all while on the phone with your customer. The clever color coding scheme clearly identifies all the potential matching stones. White Diamond Pro delivers all the necessary tools to help your business succeed.
Special Features and Utilities

Part 1: Inventory
Transfer, Mix, Extract.
With White Diamond Pro you can transfer single stones or parcels from one inventory lot to another; mix single stones and parcels to create a new inventory lot; also extract a stone from a parcel to create a new single stone inventory lot.

Stone and Jewelry Purchase Distribute.
White Diamond Pro always delivers new features such as the Stone Purchase Distribution and Jewelry Purchase Distribution that provide an easy method to allocate and distribute a large collection of purchased stones and jewelry items. White Diamond Pro's intelligent auto-allocation procedure helps you with the price per carat calculations.
Inventory Upload to Polygon, Rapnet, and Idex.
White Diamond Pro enables you to upload your inventory to Polygon, Rapnet, and Idex. You may also create a list of all the items in your inventory not eligible to upload by Polygon, Rapnet, and Idex standards and allow White Diamond Pro to fix and force the upload of the items not eligible.
Automatic Update of Rapaport Prices.
White Diamond Pro also enables you to automatically download new Rapaport Prices and update your entire inventory with one click of a button. White Diamond Pro delivers new features and utilities not available in any other software in the market today.
Part 2: Transactions
Memos, Invoices, Payments, Return Sales, Return Purchases.
White Diamond Pro is designed to allow for fast processing of transactions to keep your business moving fast. Handling sales, purchases, and payments is easy with White Diamond Pro.
Bank Transactions, Banks, Accounts.
With White Diamond Pro it is easy and secure to control all areas and aspects of your business through one integrated management system.
Tools to Succeed: Labels, Jewelry Tags.
White Diamond Pro's ever growing powerful features and tools give your business the extra edge its need to stay above the competition.
Professional Look
Professional Invoices, Memos, Statements, Tags, Labels, Appraisals and More…
Impress your customers with a professional look and presentation.
Professionalism and Sophistication.
White Diamond Pro delivers the level of professionalism and sophistication to help you stay above everybody else in the market. Go with White Diamond Pro and reward your business with the professional image it deserves.

Memos. Quick and Easy.
White Diamond Pro allows you to create memos for your customers quickly and with ease. Convert some or all items on the memo to an invoice and handle returns quickly with one click of a button.
Quick Summary of Open, Returned, and Invoiced.
White Diamond Pro's memo form allows you to see all the open, returned, and invoiced items in one window for your convenience. The items on the memo are color coded for quick and easy recognition of whether the item is open, returned, or invoiced.
Invoice from Many Memos.
White Diamond Pro also enables you to create an invoice for a customer from many memos.
Short Form and Long Form Memos. Print, Email.
With White Diamond Pro you may Print or Email short or long form memos, including the stone certificates and jewelry pictures, for your customers. White Diamond Pro keeps your business running smoothly and efficiently.
Immediate and Easy Access to Information
Save Time and Money. No Headache.
White Diamond Pro is designed to save you time, money, and headache. White Diamond Pro's integrated quick searches, links, and shortcuts allow you to rapidly navigate throughout the program and look up information and statistics on your inventory, customers, and vendors.
Immediate and Easy Access to Information.
With the ease of navigation of White Diamond Pro you will have all the information and statistics right in front of you while on the phone with customers and vendors, including their contact information, history, ledger, and all transactions, and much much more.
Security, Security, and More Security.
Security is the number one most important aspect to a successful business. You can never be too secure over your business. Minimize your losses by gaining the security and control your business needs.
Sales Person and Employee Limitations. Restrict Access.
White Diamond Pro allows you assign and maintain control over the rights and privileges for all your employees throughout the program. White Diamond Pro delivers the tools to keep you safe.
All Necessary Reports: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control Reports, Sales Person, Sales & Profits, and etc…
White Diamond Pro provides you with all the necessary reports to help you keep track of every detail of your business.
Generate Detailed Reports Within Seconds.
White Diamond Pro allows you to within seconds to create such reports as: open receivables aging for you keep track of your late paying customers; open payables aging; memo register; inventory in house list, price list, value list, partnership; sales person commission and performance; sales and profit; and much-much more.

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